NCECA Portland 2

This morning I had a wake-up breakfast at Starbucks across the street from the hotel.

Then one block futher is the Convention Center and a panel discussion/lecture “Up in smoke” about wood firing started at 8:30am. So, with everything close by, I was on time and three interestings artists told their stories about their wood firing kilns: successes and problems. Of course a lot of problems with the environment, because of polution and all the permits , restrictions etc. before you even can build a kiln. Very interesting and what a hardship those people go through.

Then I went to the clay demonstrations: 3 artists work on a big podium and make their work and talk about it: throwing, sculpting, slabwork etc. with 3 big screens, so, the people in the back can see too. In the mean time I always meet some friends and hook up with them, have lunch with them or watch the demo together.
In the afternoon I strolled around in the hall of the 121 manufactuers/suppliers and nonprofit exhibits. Of course , I bought some small supplies and some books. One about Kanji decorations and another about Japanese woodfiring!! Also, some people demonstrated some tools or did some special throwing on a wheel and there are quite some colleges with information about their art departments.

I dropped off a cup for the fundraiser of the Annual Cup Exhibition and Sale. Tomorrow, people will stand in line at 6am to be the first when the door opens at 8am to buy cups from famous potters, which they will sell for $150.00 or so!

In the evening I went out to dinner with quite some other potter friends and had a good time.
Now, I still have to add some images and will blog again tomorrow about the last NCECA day!

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