Festival at the Komyoji Temple

1a) Monks walking_1
Last week, there was a festival “Matsuri” at our neighborhood temple (YOU TUBE video), the Komyoji. Every year they have an event at the temple called Ojuya, which means a Buddhist memorial service for the repose of the dead for 3 days. The temple belongs to the Jodo Buddhist sect and exist from 1243AD.

6b)2nd sanmon from 1st mon_1

It is very festive. The temple grounds are filled with all kinds of stands4d) Healthy snack stall_1
from food stalls, like the stall with health food snack of octopus and squid!,

4f) Cathing goldfish stall_1

to games for little children catching goldfish with a flat sieve,

4b) Wicker stall_1

and stalls of wicker household ware.

1b) Monks praying_1
3a) Offerings altar_1
Then there are the memorial services in the temple (to the left a picture of praying monks and to the right a special altar with offerings) and performances: a dance performance by children (YOU TUBE movie) and a orchestral performance by monks (YOU TUBE movie).

6d) Frontview towards sea from sanmon_1
You can visit the entrance gate “Sanmon” and climb to (YOU TUBE movie) the second level where you have a wonderful view over the temple grounds and part of the city and the sea. Inside on the second floor wooden statues are preserved behind glass. You still can see the colors of the paint.Protection God_1
The faces and composure of the body of the praying monks

(YOU TUBE movie) are full of expression.

And the gods standing next to them are protecting them.

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