Dragon boat races in Enoshima

two dragonboats_1
On Sunday, yesterday, we bicyled to Enoshima, which is a small island near Kamakura and famous for her goddess of Music and Entertainment, Benzaiten, who is enshrined on the island and who is said to have made it rise from the bottom of the sea in the sixth century.
It was a beautiful day: warm and sunny, not too hot, a nice breeze. Lots of people were out, walking, bicycling and sitting on the beaches along the coast or surfing, windsurfing or sailing: just a lot of activity going on and people enjoying one of the last nice weekends before really autumn starts.


There were dragon boat races being held in the out flowing river into the sea. The racers were young and old, women and men and just lots of fun to see. Also, the front man gave the rhythm by hitting a gong. Really appropriate. Watch the YOU TUBE movie!

Dragonboat close
Then we had some delicious pizza in an Italian restaurant. Pizza in Japan! But it had this really thin crust and baked in a wood kiln and we had the one with some anjovis, the Napolitana. It was really good! “Oishikatta desu” in Japanese!

This gave us energy for the ride back with the wind in our backs. What a wonderful day!

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