Some new “Kamakura Red” for the Kamakura Show

I’m very busy for my Kamakura exhibition for next week. I’m going to squeeze in some time to show you a couple of pieces, my first “Kamakura Red” work out of my electric kiln here in Japan.
I shipped one of my Skutt kilns from California, USA to Yokohama, Japan and put it in the newly build shed by the landlord next to my house  here in Kamakura. It took awhile, but finally I’m set up here to do my own kind of work (that is another blog).

Here are some “Kamakura Red” pieces.

1)Tall Japonica 5 Vase.72_1

Tall “Japonica” Kamakura Red Vase

2)Wing Vase.72_1

Kamakura Red “Wing” Vase

3) Japonica 3 Vase.72_1

Kamakura Red “Japonica” Vase

4) Towards the middle plate.72_1

“Towards the Middle” Kamakura Red Plate

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