Return to Fujiwara-san

I had the fortune to go back to Fujiwara-san. During the workshop I had started making a sign for my gallery from a slab of clay. I wasn’t able to finish then, so now that my exhibition is finished, I returned to Mashiko.

It was wonderful again to be there and see all the autumn colors and yellow gingko leaves.Finished fired Yaki_1

They had already prepared a spot where I could work with the necessary tools and Fujiwara-san and his assistants were working on their projects.
I saw the big Jaki all finished now with his natural glaze. He was laying down on pillows and ready to be shipped to the temple in Yokohama.

Ajato-san whispering women_1

I also saw some work from his son Ajato-san, who I met and who will have a exhibition in the Art Museum of Roppongi, Tokyo, this December.

Some women whispering and giggling, a custom in Japan to hold your hand in front of your mouth.

SwanArt Gallery_sign_clay finished_72_1

And I was able to finish my sign. The cavities of the letters, lines and around the swan will be filled with glass.
This is
another creative way and recycling of TL-lights to use glass in all kind of ways from Fujiwara-san.

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