Kamakura Radio station 82.8 FM

Yesterday, Eiko Yokoyama-san interviewed me for about 2 hours at the Kamakura Radio Station 82.8 FM. It was a direct broadcast.Yuki-san_1
I went together with Yuki Shibazaki-san from the Ginsuzu Gallery.

We talked about my art, especially the “Kamakura Red” ware. I had brought a teapot with the “take” bamboo design and I explained about the special lip on the lid, so, it will not fall out when you pour; the no-drip spout, the double handle and my “swan” signature. She asked why I thought Holland was so wonderful and how Dutch people Kamakura 82.8fm interview_1celebrate Christmas time. Of course, I had to tell them about “Sinterklaas” and the special present giving with poems and joke presents. Then we conversed about special prepared dishes for the holiday season from Holland, the US, Germany and Brazil. Yuki Shibayaki-san talked about her Ginsuzu Gallery and her upcoming shows and I talked about the opening of my Swan Art Gallery in January and my pottery courses.

Yokoyama-san did a wonderful job with linking and weaving all the news together and with the integration of weather and traffic news, fax reactions from listeners, which she read right away. Some listeners reacted on my “Kamakura Red” ware and that they were very interested in the opening oKitamura-san_1f my gallery on January the 16th, 2010. They also played some music which we had chosen. Kitamura-san was the technical person who directed the whole two hours of broadcasting and he gave us the right cues.

Thank you for this great experience and your help with expressing myself in Japanese. I am proud I could talk some!

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