“Swan Art Gallery” Opening

1b) Sign on town street_72_1
Two days ago I had the opening of my gallery in my little house in Kamakura. The weather was beautiful and it was a perfect day.1a) Sign on beach street_72_1

Some old and new friends came and some interested  people who read the news of the opening in the newspaper or had heard it on the Kamakura 82.8FM radio. They all were interested in my work and gallery and liked it a lot. And my “Japanese” explanations went well.

On both paths towards the house I had put banners and in front of the gate of the house I put my clay sign.1c) Sign in front of front gate_72_1

1f) Swan Art Gallery_72_1

1g) Swan Art Gallery_72_1
This is the gallery in the down- stairs room of the house.

1h) Dining room Workshopspace_72_1

This is my workshop on the second floor in the dining room. 1i) Kiln shed outside_72_1jpg
The dining room table is used now as a worktable.

To the right is the shed the landlord built last summer. If he hadn’t, we would have moved. But he wanted us to stay, so, I did get my shed for the kiln and spray booth!

1j) Demonstration_72_1
I also gave some demonstrations, which the people liked a lot. Some never saw the throwing of a pot on a wheel, and so, it was very revealing for them. Then when I teach my students, they are amazed how difficult it actually is, compared by watching me doing it, which looks then so very easy.

Thank you all for coming! And please, don’t be shy. Everybody is welcome!

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