Gallery First Light

Today, I went to the Gallery First Light in Tokyo, where they now have some of my ceramic art works. I met the owner, Keiko Mizukoshi, when I had my show in the Ginsuzu Gallery in Kamakura. After talking, Keiko-san chose some of my work for her gallery.

The front of the Gallery First Light.

Looking through the small window into the gallery.

The URL of the gallery is:

Also, I put a movie on YOU TUBE!!! Please, watch. Thank you.

One thought on “Gallery First Light

  1. Dear Swanica,

    I organize an exhibition for Rudie Arens, goldsmith, in Nijmegen, Holland.
    I want to sent you an invitation for the opening on 3 april 2010 in Nijmegen.
    The opening wille be on 13.00 h. in The Lindenberg. On 3 locations will there be an exibition. In the Expo-podium of The Lindenberg, Huis voor de Kunsten, Museum Het Valkhof, and CBKA (Centrum Beeldende Kunst).
    Can I sent the official invitation to the USA or to Japan. I have not your adres in Japan.

    Greetings from Wilma (and from the Arens family in Nijmegen)


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