Publication of “KAMAKURA-RED” booklet

My second booklet: “Kamakura-Red”, Ceramic Adventures in Japan II, a brief autobiography got printed this month. I am very proud of this publication. A lot of work in research, in authorization of pictures, in writing and editing in Microsoft brought a wonderful result.
Also, a map of Kamakura with seven locations of where my booklet will be sold, is included.
I am still in the US after the happening of the terrible disasters in Japan. I canceled my “Sakura” exhibition. I would have come out with my book then in Kamakura, but now it has to wait. I would have returned the 23rd of March and still had to do 2 firings before the exhibition. There were still rolling black outs and then use this electricity for my “luxury” work. I could not make myself do that. Better use it for hospitals to save lives. This is a strange feeling: I want to be there, I feel connected and we have a lot of friends there. I want to experience it whatever there is to experience and I want to help them. But I left before this all happened and then decided to stay longer so I could work in California I am lucky that I have 2 workshops. But the feelings are very ambivalent and a feeling of guilt. People tell me not to have that and to feel lucky. But well.
I hope to be able to get back soon and that the situation improves. So many people died and so many people are in such a dire situation. It is incomprehensible.

If you are interested and would like to order my booklet, please, click on the yellow tab of my Etsy Store here on this website.

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