Saying goodbye to Japan for awhile

I am in the train again on my way to Narita airport to return to the US.
Today is a beautiful day and the sun woke me up this morning. We had a wonderful walk on the beach, where so many surfers had already entered the water. There was just enough wind to have some nice waves.  We continued on to our favorite neighborhood temple, the Komiyoji, where they built a new wooden walkway towards the pond which is just gorgeous. It is so beautifully designed and precise and the wood smells so good.

Yesterday, I brought all my “Kamakura-Red” booklets to 3 Kamakura Bori Stores, the bookstore, a gallery and a museum  in Kamakura. Some friends are helping me with supplying the stores.

On my way back, I rode my bicycle on the grounds of the Hachimangu Shrine. There were so many tourists; unfortunately, almost all Japanese. I stopped at the pond where the overhang is blooming with the Wisteria flowers. A group of young women were eating their home made lunch bento boxes; so cute, small, beautiful and prepared with care! And they were happy to smile for me for the picture.

I didn’t have time to glaze and fire my kiln, but every day was filled.
I met some friends and I received some wonderful gifts: a beautiful kimono with about a thousand cranes on it and one thousand origami cranes folded into ten strings of 100 cranes. Incredible! The crane represents health, happiness and good luck. Lots of friends encouraged me and wished me well. Thank you all very much.

So, now this is what I have to do! Get better!

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