Research and Support Groups

At the moment, I read quite a lot about breast cancer. They have quite some support groups at Stanford Hospital and also in the Bay Area. It is just wonderful to see how much support there is.

Last Wednesday, I went to the Breast Awareness group guided by the nurse of my surgeon. Of course, we all had our own stories and by sharing and listening and asking you help and learn from each other.
The next day, I went to a Chemotherapy class. I read already a lot about it, but again it is very revealing and you feel not alone. The nurse showed me the infusion center and that was quite a shock for me. You see all the people sitting in a big room with a nice open view to the outside in their own space/chair with curtain which they can close and personal tv and space for your caregiver. I was glad I saw it now and not the day of.
On Friday, I went to the Breast Cancer Connections group in Palo Alto and they had so much information and some wigs!!!! and I received a wonderful big comfort tote with all kinds of gifts made by girl scouts and a book about nutrition etc. And today, there was another group session with some great help.

Everyday I go on my bicycle to Stanford and Palo Alto first on a path through the forest and then a road through part of a forest and then I arrive at the campus. The weather is a little dark and sometimes a little rain, but it wonderful to feel the wind in your face and it gives good exercise. Today, I picked some wildflowers and listened to the wind!
But now I have to absorb everything, do some financing and go into my workshop in the garage. I have to touch the clay again before the 2nd operation! Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Research and Support Groups

  1. Swanica,

    It’s great to meet you and share your story. Wish you a smooth operation in next Tuesday and a speedy recovery. Good luck!


  2. Lieve Swanica,
    Goed om te lezen, dat je fijne en goede begeleiding hebt, dat helpt je vast!
    Heel veel sterkte op 8 juni, ook wij denken aan je!
    Lieve groeten en een dikke knuffel.


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