First mile stone

The weather is quite beautiful at the moment: the sun shines and the temperature is around 80F and at night it cools off so you can sleep very well.

The second surgery went very well and the margins are clear. So, we are very happy about that! First mile stone and the surgery chapter is closed!

This morning, they put in a cathport or mediport in my left breast to be able to easily draw blood and use it for the chemotherapy infusions without having to stick me every time. It is a weird feeling in my neck, but I am glad I have it now after this morning’s experience of 3 failed IV tries. After that they put the IV in my neck where they had to be anyway, which put me into a dozing sleep. Can you imagine during the treatment when they would have to stick me every time and the arteries harden! I know this is still a problem with a lot of people during their treatments.

I also don’t know what kind of anesthetics they gave me, but after I had a little nap this afternoon, I had to take this pill. I pick up the water can and want to pour this in the glass, and I want to take the pill out of the bottle. Somehow, I started pouring the water in the bottle filled with pills!! When I realized what I was doing, I was alert right away and ran to the sink and poured out the water and then the pills on a napkin. I was able to save them. Can you imagine! One of the side effects of chemo therapy is amnesia! And I even didn’t start that treatment yet!!!

So, now up to the next phase: chemo therapy: 4 times with 3 weeks interval (if my white blood platelets are back on the right level, otherwise you have to wait a week) and one medication for a whole year every 3 weeks! So, there we go and we will get there!

I used my new pug mill (to wedge my clay) for the first time and it went very well and I threw some plates! Loved it, but sometimes it is difficult to get into the workshop.

I also did prepare all kind of little food snacks, so, in case you want to eat something, that it is small and not right away big! I got myself some wigs. I tried some long, blond hair wigs, but I just could not get used to it. I didn’t know the person I was looking at. And it was too much money for just a joke. So, Adriaan still has to wait for his woman with long, blond hair!!! 🙂 🙂

3 thoughts on “First mile stone

  1. Swanica! I am so happy to hear you passed the second surgery with flying colors….just like your wings! Now to soar through the next stage….one step at a time…to full recovery. As for the wig situation…I have the perfect one in mind for you. Adrianne will do a back-flip! Thank you for keeping us up to date with your progress. You are in my heart!


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