Kamakura-Red Dutch scarf

All my hair is gone. I looked very old and sick with just some hair and bold patches, so, Adriaan helped me with shaving it off.  It looks much better and young again and Adriaan thinks I am a model now! 🙂 I get to play with lots of scarfs, hats and wigs and this one is a Dutch farmer’s handkerchief, which I declare as my Kamakura-Red Dutch scarf!! Just make it positive and have fun!
Tomorrow up for my 2nd chemo and then done for 50%!!!!


5 thoughts on “Kamakura-Red Dutch scarf

  1. Hallo Swanica!!
    Wij gebruiken de boerenzakdoek met carnaval of als we geweldig verkouden zijn en veel moeten snotteren. Maar zoals jij de zakdoek gebruikt is ook reuze gezellig. Ik zal er aan denken met carnaval dan draag ik de zakdoek niet om mijn hals maar zoals jij doet, om mijn hoofd.
    Groetjes met een kus, Ad en Diny.


  2. Swanica, You are beautiful, in both your art and life. Thank you for sharing your gift of your ceramic advantures in Japan with me. Is any of your work currently on display in California?
    I was moved by the beauty of the lines of horsehair residue in some of the firings, and I am very drawn to your work in RED—the symbol of warmth, passion and above all, strength!
    Much success and strength to you


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