A wonderful surprise

Last weekend, all my three boys were there.

I knew that my middle son Maarten would come from Stockholm on Sunday night, because of his travel, but then my oldest son Roland arrived from San Diego last Friday night and suddenly, my youngest son Arjan and his fiancee Katie from Chicago were standing in front of me. We had some good time together. Unfortunately, Maarten arrived at 7pm and Katie had to leave at that same time to be on time at work on Monday morning. We had a wonderful dinner together and then Roland left at 4am to be on time at his work in San Diego on Monday morning. What a travel all around and with working children, but they all made it work to be together for some time!!!

Roland                      Arjan                                  Maarten

Maarten is now still here and tomorrow we will go to Yosemite for some days. This is my third week after the chemo and always the best. Although a little bit more tired. Next Monday the 22nd will be my 4th and last chemo!!!

3 thoughts on “A wonderful surprise

  1. Been thinking of you Swanica. Glad you are on your way to the last chemo treatment. Happy for you to have all of your BOYS together. Hang in there Lady, one more to go!


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