Last week, Adriaan, our son Maarten and I went to Yosemite National Park, which is south of Lake Tahoe and about a 4 hour drive from the Bay Area, where we live. Maarten and Adriaan went up the Vernon Falls and the Neveda Falls, which took them about 5 hours. It was a great exercise for them. I stayed on the valley floor of the park. I had some shortness of breath, but of course it was the altitude and I was anemic (what I didn’t know yet).

I took an open bus tour of 2 hours and saw the big rock formations from a far. We stayed in a lovely house and then we went to the Mariposa Grove with the gigantic Sequoia’s in the south part of the park.  We had a wonderful time. The park is just very beautiful.

Then on Monday, I had my last chemo. Friday was my worst day: feeling not good at all and very weak, sleeping a lot and easily exhausted. I am anemic, so, not enough iron. My red blood cell level is very low. Those cells are less quick replenished then the white ones. My white blood cell level is good and I don’t need extra injections to keep those right. For the red ones I try to eat spinach and beans to get stronger again.

Tomorrow, I have my second appointment with the radiation oncologist and will be fitted with a mold to stay in the same position every time. So, this phase is starting.

At the end of the week, Adriaan and I will escape to Carmel (the beach, sea and galleries) for some days to celebrate the end of the chemo therapy and then he will go off to Japan and I will go to my sister in Canada for a week. Wonderful!

One thought on “Yosemite

  1. Lieve Swanica,Ik ben erg blij dat ik jou en jullie kan volgen op de website. Je hebt heel wat mee te maken en het zal niet altijd gemakkelijk zijn. Het is geweldig hoe je je er doorheen slaat. Ik heb grote bewondering voor je. Je bent een dapper mensenmens. Heel veel liefs voor jullie allemaal maar vooral voor jou van oom Ad en tante Diny.


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