New spray booth

Two weeks ago I received my new spray booth. The old one was too small for my big work. I can use it now after some minor installation problems.

In the meantime, it is almost a month ago that I wrote a blog. I have been very busy. First of course, I have my radiation every weekday around 11am. I often go on my bicycle and like that a lot. Only 6 times are left. The last 5 times will be “Boost” radiations: not so strong as the former ones, but cover the whole breast from up front. It has now a nice pink color and has some burning sensation underneath my arm. But I think I am doing pretty well and have still quite some energy left.

I sold 2 cars for a friend of ours. We help each other. You place the add, answer emails and telephone calls and show the car to prospective buyers. Not that I know much about cars, but I sold 4 of our cars during the many years we live in California now and it is fun to meet all kinds of people, who are mostly very nice. Then I am socially quite active and meet with lots of friends. We went to our oldest son Roland (still for his birthday) and worked on taxes and finances (which always continues).

I did do a workshop at the De Anza College with the Taiwanese ceramic artist Ah Leon. He is so technical in the making of a teapot! I have lots to learn. He also is very talented in making objects from clay looking like wood like teapots (of course) and a life size wooden bridge or a classroom with wooden desks and chairs.

I saw the wonderful big exhibition of the Ceramic Annual of America in the Festival Hall of Fort Mason in San Francisco. Po Zhou also had his work there as well as Barbara Sebastian. Just beautiful!

And then lots of other little things, especially when Adriaan returns from travels. Of course, he is jet-legged and then a stormy guy as always 🙂

I brought some plates to the Alexander Salazar Gallery while I was in San Diego.

Kamakura-Red “Wave” Plate.

Kamakura-Red “Shell” Plate.


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