Sakura in Kyoto

I am back in the US after 51/2 weeks in Japan.

I had a great exhibition. A lot of friends and people came all interested in my Kamakura-Red ceramic art. I had some good talks. Also, the Mashiko charity display got quite some attention and had some good results in donations for the Sankokan.(Read about it in the previous posting).

The weekend before I left we attended a wedding of a daughter of a very good Japanese friend in Kyoto. Minako-san and Niki-san looked gorgeous and the whole event was for me a wonderful first time Japanese wedding experience.

After the wedding we went into the garden of the Heian Shrine, which was open during the evening because of the 300 “Sakura” Cherry blossom lit up trees accompanied by cello music. It was really relaxing to walk around. Then a classical guitar concert started in the tea house situated in the middle of the pond. Just all very perfect. Enjoy the little movie:

This path is called “The Philosopher’s walk” and is like 2 miles long aligned with Sakura trees. Just phenomenal!


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