Back in Japan

I am back in Japan for 3 weeks and it has been a while that I wrote a blog.

It is wonderful to be back and we walk a lot on the Zaimokuza beach, where we live in Kamakura. It is quite hot and muggy and I find that difficult. But luckily in our little house we have air conditioning. We swam already some times in the sea. The temperature of the water is great, it is quite clean and the waves are not too high. You have to watch out for jelly fishthough. Yesterday, I got stung by one!


When I arrived at my house after all my travels the sunset was beautiful and the view of Fuji-san was great, although still far away. But very wonderful.

I will work in my workshop, will meet lots of friends, and enjoy some summer vacation.

You are in survival mode during cancer treatment and when things happen to you, you kind of brush them off. But then after every thing was done, it came all back up and crashing down on me and taking me in a dip. You would think that you are happy and thankful, I am, but that is when you can let go and suddenly feelings you hid reappear, especially anger and your goal in life! In the Bay Area in Palo Alto there are many wonderful programs to help you. And with this help and support from family and friends I do feel much better again. And my mammogram was alright this time!

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