Charlotte Uden’s Ceramics Exhibition at ISSH in Tokyo


Charlotte opened her first ceramic show at the International School of the Sacred Heart in Tokyo on Thursday February 7. She was a student at this school during High School and Steve Tootell was her ceramics teacher. You can watch a VIDEO of her show on YouTube and Vimeo: 

She made the High-fire ware with Steve Tootell during the first week of January.



This is her high-fire Heart Teapot.


This is the Kamakura-Red ware made at my workshop. She made clay stamps with a wood impression and then used that to impress it into her work. She made incense burners, Hashi holders and vases.








This is her Horsehair ware and got wonderful results with the vases and boxes. She also the previous blog:



Those are some of her Horsehair boxes.


She raised all the money for the charity where she went last year with ISSH.




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