Moving out of Japan

My exhibition at the Yu Gallery was wonderful.

This is KAN-ICHI Segawa who choreographed the dance and danced on music chosen by me for my “Wing: Love is a bird, she needs to fly” Exhibition at the Toko Gallery in Mashiko on November 27, 2010.



The Wings are going to be in the Dance School and Company: “Erika Akoh Global Dance theater”: 


Lots of friends came. And as far away as Minakami and Mashiko (5 – 6 hours from Kamakura).
                                                                                                                                                                                 Euan Craig.



                      Ken Matsuzaki-san.






        Tomoko and Niki Yamato-san.




Steve Tootell, Sally Uden,  Adriaan.



Hideo-san and Shizuko-san.





They came to see the show but also to say “Goodbye” as we will move out of Japan. It was not an easy decision because we really like Japan. The Japanese have a wonderful special culture and they care about anything they do and about each other. We made a lot of very good friends. Thank you all for making our time in Japan a very special experience!


Tonight is our last night in Japan. But of course we will be back to visit!

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