New cutting-edge Kamakura-Red works June 2013

I made some new Kamakura-Red works in May and June for the upcoming ACGA Art Festival in Palo Alto, California on July 13 + 14, 2013. ACGA is the Association of Clay and Glass Artists of California.

I started cutting again in my work. I don’t have to take it around the world to Japan at the moment, so it gives me more freedom and exploration. I had lots of fun!

Kamakura-Red “Whirling Wave” Bowl.¬†



Kamakura-Red “Guri” Bowl.

Kamakura-Red “Nami” Bowl.

Kamakura-Red “Whirling Wave” Vase.



Kamakura-Red “Swirl” Vase.





Kamakura-Red “SwanFlower” Vase.


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